5 styling tips that will enhance your outfit

Hey guys, I am kritika and i’m back with new blog post. Today blog is about small styling that can make a big difference in your basic outfit.Many a times we start feeling that we are wearing boring outfits but you also don’t have a lot of money to invest on new clothes so for that reason I’m going to tell you small tips that will spice up your old outfits.

1.Rolling up you sleeves-Now you will think that this is not effective tip but trust me guys it makes a huge difference when you you roll up your sleeves.Just for once you try this and you surely like it.I like rolling up sleeves a lot as it gives me confidence and i think it will also work for you as a confidence booster.You can also wear some cute bracelets or watch as it gets more highlighted when you roll up your sleeves.

Generic Women Casual Blouse Three Quarter Roll Up Sleeves Ruched O ...

2.Wearing hats- I know most of you guys think that wearing hats is not coll or it looks weird but let me tell you guys that wearing hats can change the look of your outfit completely and it works perfectly when you want to upgrade your style.Hats like beret or flat hat looks incredibly stylish and cute.They go perfectly with western dresses and give your whole outfit a cheek look.I highly recommend you guys to buy a beret hat and I’m sure you will like it a lot.

Herringbone Hat http://www.sofeminine.co.uk/fashion/album714727 ...

3.cuffing the bottom of your jeans- Now this is a great tip for those who likes to wear cute footwear and wants to showoff that more.By cuffing your jeans you draw more attention towards your footwear and it also adds faux height so if you are short like me, you can definitely try this and see a huge difference.

Cuffed Jeans Street Style Approved 2020 - OnlyWardrobe.com

4.Knot tie your top-This is styling tip that is being followed by many people know a days so you can also try it.Knotting a top gives you more cute and casual vibes, also it changes the whole look of your outfit.I usually do it on shirt because it turns my boring shirt into cute top.This tip is also more beneficial to those who are short as it shows more of your bottom wear which makes you look longer.

How to Tie a Knot in a Shirt | 5 Cute Ways for Knotted T-shirt Trend

5.wear long sleeve under dress-Now this is a tip that i like the most because it has turned my old dresses into new ones.You can wear a long sleeve top/shirt under a dress and you will see that you have a new outfit ready. This is followed by many people and trust me if you will try then you will also love it.You can wear long sleeve top under a short strappy dress, pinafore dress ,or an a line dress..Trust me guys this tip work on all dresses.

Now these are pretty much all the tips that will change your your outfit appearance. I hope this blog helped and if it did then don’t forget to check my other blog also. Also you can comment and tell me which was your favorite tip.May you all have a good day ahead and i’ll see you guys in the next blog.


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