8 Wardrobe Essential Every Women Should Have In 2020 / Wardrobe Basic Checklist / Clothing Staples

Hey guys, I’m Kritika and I’m back with another exciting blog. In this blog I will be giving you guys a list of clothing that are essential and you should definitely have them in your wardrobe. I think this blog will be very helpful as many people want a small and functional wardrobe so if you have all the items mentioned down below then you are sorted .One thing that i notice nowadays is that we all are so caught up in finding a unique clothing that we have forgot what simple clothes can do. We all want to look different which is absolutely fine but what we don’t realize is that we can look different and stylish by wearing basic clothes also.So keeping that in mind lets get onto the list-

1.Denim Dungaree / Dungaree-

One of my favorite piece of clothing is dungaree.Now dungaree are of many types and it totally depends on you that what type of dungaree do you like. I generally prefer denim dungaree but loose fit dungarees are in trends nowadays.The reason why I like it so much is because I can pair i with a lot of things. I am leaving some pictures down so you can see the various styles to wear it.

2.Overall dress-

You can never go wrong with overall dresses. This particular clothing is suitable for all the seasons. Also you can pair this with many things and trust it will always give cheeky vibes. I’ll suggest you all to buy this in black color as black easily goes with everything. I will be leaving some pictures down so that you can get a idea.


According to me white shirts are the most under rated. I think white shirt is the most diverse type of clothing. It that can be worn in so many styles and look perfect. White shirt is color friendly that means it looks good on every skin shade and some how it always adds a personality to your outfit. It instantly gives you more smart vibes and it can be paired with almost everything. I am leaving some pictures down below so that you can get idea of styling it.

4.Loose fit jeans-

I suggest you all to buy this type of jeans because it is more comfortable than regular pair of jeans and looks more cute.They look really great with crop tops and white sneakers. In winter you can pair it with a hoodie or a an over-sized sweater and it will look totally effortless but cute at the same time. I have copied some pictures below and you can see for yourself how great these jeans look.

5.Jean jacket-

I believe our closet can be never be completed if it is missing a denim jacket. Denim jacket are the most important piece of clothing ad if you don’t have one so I strongly recommend you to buy one. I am a total sucker for denim jacket and i personally have a lot of them and in different shades. Denim jackets have always been in trend and you can never look boring if you are wearing it.You can pair it with dresses, tank tops, crop tops, shorts, jeans and the list will go on and on.If you are not sure of buying it then checkout the pictures down below and I am sure after seeing pictures you will not be albe stop yourself from buying it.

6.Black dress-

I think this particular clothing item is ignored by many of the girls because they think black dress is so common and seems a little boring. But i want to tell you that black dress is so versatile that it can be worn in so many ways and on different occasions. Also it is the safest option when you are confused and not sure what to wear. I personally have a lot of black dresses because pairing black dress with different thing is a lot of fun. I f you don’t have a black dress I strongly recommend you to buy it today.

7.Knee high skirt-

These skirt are in so much trend nowadays and I think these skirts are the best because it is very much comfortable to wear this skirt. The best about this skirt is its length i.e. it is neither to short nor too long. You can wear this skirt for a casual outing, formal meetings and even in family functions. I guarantee you that you will look smart plus elegant at the same time.

8.Bodysuit top-

Nowadays bodysuits are so in trend.When for the first time I saw bodysuits i thought that it would be very uncomfortable to wear it but when i bought one for myself then i came to know that these are the best. They are more suitable for them who like to tuck their top. One thing more about this top that I really like is you can buy deep cut neck top or backless top and not worry to sit in a particular way because they remain intact. I would totally recommend you to buy it if you are more of a outdoor person and you like your tops to remain intact and not get untucked easily.

So these are all the basic clothing that are needed by the girls in everyday life. Also this time I have attached a link below the images so if you want then you can all checkout the links too and buy something. I hope this blog helped you and if it did then don’t forget to share it with your friends.Also subscribe to my blog for free and get notification when I post a new blog.May you all have a good day ahead and I’ll see you guys in the next blog.


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