Hi everyone, this is me kritika .Today I thought to write to write blog on the topic which I feel many girls don’t know.The problem that I see nowadays is many girls are afraid of using makeup products because they think their skin will get damaged.What they don’t know is that  makeup can never harm your skin as long as you protect it  and prep it before applying makeup.
In this blog I’ll be telling you guys how to prepare your skin before applying makeup and also I’ll be telling you guys the product which I prefer.So here the are the steps-

1.NIVEA FACE WASH MILK DELIGHT-I generally prefer this face wash as it doesn’t make your skin dry.Always use a face wash before which moisturizes your skin because it’s easy to apply makeup on smooth skin than dry skin.

2.THE FACE SHOP CHIA SEED HYDRO TONER-The second most important thing that we tend to ignore before doing makeup is applying toner.Applying toner makes our skin hydrates and relaxes our skin.This particular toner is perfect for dry and flaky skin.After applying it on your face you’ll surely see a change.

3.THE FACE SHOP CHIA SEED HYDRO LOTION- This lotion by face shop is really amazing and it does not have sticky texture like other lotions.When  you apply a lotion or a moisturizer, you make a protective layer on your face which will protect your face from makeup.


  • If your foundation does not have enough coverage or your skin is very dry then you should apply foundation with your face cream.This simple step will give your skin a glowy look and who doesn’t want a glow on their face.
  • If someone has  wrinkles or loose skin around eyes and you face problems in putting eyeliner then you can apply eye primer around eyes which will smooth your skin.By doing this it will be easy for you to put eyeliner.
  • If you ran out of setting spray you can always use rose water and trust me this works  for me perfectly.And you can use any rose water which suits you perfectly.
  • If you run out of neutral lipsticks then you can turn your dark lipstick into a light one.You can do this by following simple steps.First apply a dark lipstick and then put 2-3 little dots on upper and lower lip.Now you can finally blend them.

  This is it for this blog. I know this blog was kind of short as compared to other but trust me if you follow this routine you will see the result yourself. I hope this blog helped you guys and if it did then don’t forget to tell me in the comment section.


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