Hey guys, I’m back with another blog and for this particular blog, I am super excited because till now I’ve been trying these trends and now I can’t wait to share my views with all of you. So most of these trends are budget-friendly so you don’t need to worry. Also, you can go and check out my Instagram (linked down below) to see me trying out these trends. The pieces that I will be mentioning down are very easy to find and you can buy them from anywhere. I hope you enjoy this blog and without any further a do let’s get on these trends –

1.Y2k cami tops –

So starting with my favorite piece this summer. I know all of the girls are happy with this trend because this trend not only gives us a chance to be creative and colorful with our outfits but also makes us feel that we are a part of a 90’s movie. These cami tops are available almost everywhere and you can simply write cami tops in the search bar of a site and you’ll simply find the desired results.

2. Cow print –

so you might not find it very aesthetically pleasing in the starting but trust me when you will get a hold of it, then this is what you’ll wear or carry all the time. Cow print bags are in so much demand that you can see them in every store and so are the cow print tops. Like trust me, a cow print top with a black or any dark-colored pant is a killer combo. The moment you’ll wear that, you are going to feel next-level confidence and I guess that’s the magic with cow print!!

3. Floral maxi dresses –

This was the trend that I was the most skeptical about and I didn’t think that I would even try it but my curious self couldn’t resist and let me tell you that it wasn’t that bad as much as I thought. Like it’s perfect for days when you want to go on brunch or a lunch date, and even on the beach. This trend will give you a very classy look if you accessorize it pretty well.

4. oversized shirts –

It feels like this trend was made for me because literally from the time wearing an oversized shirt has become normal, I’m the happiest person. If I’m in the mood of putting the least amount of time and energy into the outfit, I simply pair something with an oversized shirt because it instantly elevates an outfit and who wouldn’t want that. You can simply check my Instagram and simply tell me that I love this trend. You can pair it with shorts, a skirt, and even dresses.

5.colorful jewelry –

Who would have thought that the pieces that the jewelry pieces we made when we were small will one day become a trend and everybody will go crazy for it? Believe me, some stores are selling these pieces so much expensive just because this trend is booming, and let me give you a tip to save money and still hop on this trend. So there are jewelry-making sets available on Amazon or any online store to help the prices, and you can make so many pieces out of it that it’s gonna be enough forever. So I didn’t spend even a penny on it and soon I will make a video on my insta so you can check it out.

6. Halter neck –

This trend has my heart like if you’ve ever imagined looking hot and elegant with minimum efforts then this trend is for you. Like I can’t get enough of this trend. I literally bought so many halter neck tops and dresses because I was obsessed with them. It really doesn’t matter what you pair it up with, it will look classy with everything. And if you want to buy it for just trying then buy it in black color and you’ll see the amount of time you are wearing it.

7. crochet tops-

Now, this trend is a little bit expensive but I think it’s worth the money because crochet tops are handwoven and therefore it takes a lot more effort than making a simple top. So these tops are going super trendy and if you want to invest in a unique piece then you can definitely get for it because I know one thing for sure, that the moment you’ll wear this, you are gonna fell in love with it.

8. Matching co-ord set –

The trend that I was very excited to try because this trend grabs your attention instantly and then this is what revolves in your mind 24/7. I really like the solid pastel color co-ords because they are very diverse and you can wear them anytime without thinking too much. Also, these are super easy to style so you can definitely try them out.

9. Colorful scarfs –

You must have seen them everywhere and might be thinking that this will only good in pictures but that’s not the case. These scarves can be worn as a bandana on the head or as a top. I think this trend is the cheapest and you can just simply buy it and try it for yourself. One tip that I wanna give you guys is that you should go on Pinterest and see some inspirations for styling it. I’m pretty sure that you are gonna find something that you’ll love.

10.gingham pants –

You must have seen Kendall Jenner wearing pink gingham pants and I didn’t even know that it was a trend till that very time. I love these kinds of pants because they are s fun to style and you can create so many different looks with them. This pant looks absolutely adorable and gives a very artsy look. I think these pants are also equally good for the girls who go for basics.

So, that’s it for this blog. I hope this blog helped you and was of some knowledge to you. If you liked the blog then don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. And also tell me in the comment section down below, which was our favorite trend and what you want in the next blog. If you like such blogs then don’t forget to check out my other blogs also. I will be back soon with another blog till then stay safe and fashionable.


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