Top 10 Best Eyeshadow Palletes

Hi guys,  Today I have decided to write a blog which will definately help you .So  as a matter of fact all girls buy eyeshadow palettes sometime or the other and the thing I have notice is that girls have hard time choosing which palette will be the best for them.Also many a times girls spend a lot of money and still do not get what they want.So thats why today I have decided to tell you which palettes are the best according to me.

                   One thing that you need to remember is that pigmented eyeshadow may be expensive but they are worth it.So here are the top 10 eyeshadow palettes-

1.TOO FACED PRETTY RICH EYESHADOW PALETTE- This palette is most preferred by me as it has variety of colors and all of them are very pigmented.And one thing more that I like about this palette is it’s case.So I think if you want to invest in a good palette then that would be this one.

2.HUDA BEAUTY NUDE EYESHADOW PALETTE- I am in total love with this eyeshadow as it has all the colors which you will be needing for creating a nude eye makeup.All the colors present in this are very pigmented as well as it has a nice texture also.You can also see there  are variety of colors present from which you can create different looks.

3.HUDA BEAUTY DESERT EYESHADOW PALETTE- Now I  think this is the eyeshadow that you girls will like alot as it has all the bold colors in it which will look really amazing at night.This palette may seem a little costly but I think it is worth.And all the girls can create the most famous eye look i.e. smokey eyes.I think with the help of this palette you can create maximum number of eyelooks.

4.HUDA BEAUTY OBSESSION EYESHADOW PALETTE- Now you may think that these eyeshadow palette have less colours tl as compared to the other one but these palette are highly pigmented and you can many different eyelooks with this palette.Also one more highlight of these palettes is that they are colour oriented which really helps you too create a theme based makeup look perfectly.

5.MAYBELLINE NUDES OF NEW YORK-This is the eyeshadoew that majority of girls like because this eyeshadow palette has variety of  shades.It is a perfect combination of the glittery and nude shades.I suggest you too buy this palette if you love neutral eyelooks.

6.MAYBELLINE NEW YORK LEMONADE PALETTE-Now this is the palette that girls will be finding nowadays as it is perfect for summer season.It has those beachy and light shades which you can wear in day light without even getting worried about wearing too much makeup.

7.LAKME 9 TO 5 PALETTE- Now this is the palette that I’ll sugget for the people who don’t usually put makeup everyday and do it very occasionally.This eyeshadow may have only 4 colors but these all 4 shades are really nice and pigmented.Also these colors are very basic so they can go with majority of outfits.

8.Nykaa Eyes On Me! 10-in-1 Eyeshadow Palette- This is also one of the best eyeshadow palette that I have come across. It is highly pigmented and very easy to blend. Ot has very neutral colors which helps to create many different looks. One more attractive feature of this palette is that it is very long lasting. I totally suggest you this if you like more neutral colours.

9.MAKEUP REVOLUTION  FOREVER FLAWLESS FIRE EYESHADOW PALETTE-This palette is best in all aspects including money.This eyeshadow palette has wide color range and also the shades are very pigmented.And the best thing about this eyeshadow is that it is not expensive at all.Also this is more than perfect for those who can’t invest on expensive palette but want a good quality palette.

10.JACLYN HILL EYESHADOW MORPHE PALETTE-This is the eyeshadow that I truely love as this was my first high-end palette which was gifted to me,so it’s very close to my heart. Also I  love this palette because it has very soothing shades which  works well for any eye makeup look as well as they are very pigmented.

So this is it for this blog. I hope this blog helped and if it did them don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also subscribe to my blog for free and get notification when I post a new blog.May you all have a good day ahead and I’ll see you guys in the next blog.


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