Different ways to style white shirt

Hey guys, I’m back with another exciting blog. In this blog I’m trying something different as I’m going to take a particular piece of clothing and I’ll be telling you guys to style it in different ways. So for today I have chosen white shirt because almost everyone has it but they don’t prefer it to wear it that much. Frankly telling you, earlier I also didn’t like it that much as it gave me boring vibes but recently I’ve started using it in many ways which I’m loving nowadays and that’s why I wanted to share it with you.

Ok so there are literally many ways to style white shirt but I’m going to tell you the styles that I have tried personally. So here are the following ways to style white shirt-

White shirt from HM

1.Styling white shirt with black tube top/ black bralette/ black tank top –

This is by far my most favorite way to style white shirt as it gives me cheeky vibes plus it look super cool. Also it is super easy to wear and comfortable. This style looks good at both day and night time. This looks give vintage look and if you have a white shirt dress then it even better as you don’t have to wear anything in the bottom like sorts or jeans. If you want to make your outfit more exciting then you can add long boots with as well. Trust me the outfit will turn out great and you’ll be in love with it.

Tube top

2.Styling white shirt with gold accessories –

I know you must be wondering that this will not look good or make any difference but trust me when you accessorize your white shirt with gold jewellery. You can style your in this way if you want to keep it casual but still look a little bit dressy. I will suggest you to wear a layered neck piece as it is very common nowadays and you can easily get it anywhere. For earing you can go for straight gold jewellery or you can also go for silver hoop earrings . Try folding your sleeves till your elbow and wear some exciting gold/silver bracelets and if have charm bracelets then definitely go with them. In other hand wear a nice watch preferably a chain watch. I am telling you to wear golden jewellery because it looks more vibrant . I recently wore the same combination few days ago and posted a picture so you can check that on my I nstagram account that is linked below.

You can easily get these rings and bracelets set from Amazon.

3.Styling white shirt with black belt and leather jeans-

So generally everyone has over sized white shirt and that is why they find it difficult to wear outside as it looks too boring. So in that case you should wear it with a broad black belt as this will give you a more fitted look and the same time it will look more elegant. For the bottoms you can go for leather jeggings or jeans, whatever is more comfortable to you as it will make your outfit look more bold. If you are wearing this look in the day time then don’t forget to pair it with nice sunglasses and silver snake/chain earrings. Keep it simple around your wrist and just add a black watch.

4.Styling white shirt with dungaree-

Nowadays my go to outfit is definitely this one. I just love how this outfit always turns out and let me tell you that is pretty comfortable. You can prefer this outfit on the days when you have to run errands or going for meeting some friends. Pair it with sneakers and you may tie your hair in a messy bun, also you can use bandana with it which also looks very cool. This look very much gives 90’s vibe which are in trend nowadays so go on and try this look.

You can get this dungaree from HM.

5.Styling white shirt with black strappy dress-

If you think that white shirt can only be used as a casual wear then you are totally wrong. You can wear white shirt at a date night or a family dinner. All you need is a black dress that is almost owned by everyone and wear a white shirt inside it. Just remember to adjust it properly because if you mess that up then the whole look will get spoiled. Keep the upper two buttons of the shirt open and wear an attractive neck piece to complete the whole look. For the footwear you can wear wedges if you want elegant look and sneakers if you want keep a little casual look. You can wear a fur coat or a velvet jacket to make it a more cozy look.

This dress is available on HM.

6.Styling white shirt with skater skirt-

We all have seen the combination of black pencil skirt and white shirt which is referred to as a formal look but if you wear a black skater skirt with white shirt. Some of you might have seen the American show ‘GOSSIP GIRL’ and nowadays people are recreating it’s outfit, so from that show my favorite outfit was the one where one of the actress was wearing the same combination that I’m mentioning. I really loved that outfit because it gave me different vibes which I love. You can wear this outfit on days when you want to wear something cute and a little more dressy at the same time. To kick it up a notch you can wear a turn down bow collar tie which looks great. If you want to get in more detail then you can wear black mule heel which looks great.

This skirt is also available on HM.

So that is all for this blog and these are all the ways that I personally love and have tried. I hope this blog helped you and if it did then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also if you liked this blog then please tell me in the comments and if you guys want a blog on some specific topic then please feel free to tell me. All the links are mentioned are below so follow me on Instagram and other social handles as I post more often there and you can get to know me better. Also thank you for your lovely responses on my last post and you guys were also asking if you can share my link on your social accounts so yes, I’ll be really glad if you do that. I will see you guys in the next blog till then you can check out my other blogs.


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