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Hi guys, I’m back with another blog and this blog is kind of similar to the last one but I decided to write this blog because this types of blog really help lot of people as they are always finding the best product for them. In the past I wrote on 10 best eyeshadow palette and 10 best foundation so this time i decided to write on 10 best blushes and highlighter because I think these are also equally important as these are the products that truly help to complete the look and these can make or break the look. I’ll be suggesting you guys 5 blushes and 5 highlighters so get ready to see which product is best for you

1.Lakme 9 To 5 blush – Now this is the blush that I think that you will love because it has the perfect formula and it is equally pigmented. Now you know how a blush shouldn’t be overly pigmented because it looks unnatural and your makeup seems heavy. A good blush should have the right amount of pigmentation which means even if you apply a little too much then also it shouldn’t look over. I also like this blush because it is very much affordable and if you want to buy a new blush then you can definitely go for it.

2.SUGAR Cosmetics Contour De Force Mini Blush – This blush is also super nice and I totally love it. This blush is best for beginners as it is available in mini size and beginners do like to test various product so you can start off with this product and also it is not at all expensive which is a great thing. One thing more that I like about this product is that it is available in 3 different shades so you can choose color whichever suits you the most. I generally prefer a more subtle tone instead of pink shade.

3.Maybelline Fit me blush – I absolutely love this blush and let me tell you e=when you get your hands on this product you will feel the same. This blush is very buildable and gives you a natural look. You get a variety of shades to choose from which is a plus point. Also it is a drugstore product so it is very much affordable . One thing more that I like about it i.e. it feels light weighted on your skin but at the same time stays all day long on your face.

4.SERY FlashLite Blusher Stick – This is a new brand that has come in the market and let me tell you that this product is worth trying. Firstly it comes in a stick form which is super cool and then it also super creamy texture which helps to blend in your skin. I think stick blushes are in trend nowadays and if you want to buy your first stick blush then you can definitely go for this as the price of this blush is cheap.

5.Nykaa Get Cheeky! Blush Duo Palette – This palette is also great and more helpful for those who like to mix n match there blush shades. This palette is equally pigmented and it comes at great price too. I recommend you this palette if you are buying a blush to carry for travelling purpose as it has 2 shades so you can have variety on a trip.

6.SUGAR Glow And Behold Jelly Highlighter – I have not used this highlighter till now but I’ll be ordering it soon but let me tell you I have heard great thing about it because it gives you extra glow and it’s creamy texture help in easy application. Also it has matte finish which is a great feature. Its packing is also very compact which makes it suitable for travelling. If you want to try a different highlighter then you can go ahead and buy this.

7.Nykaa Glow Goals! Shimmer Brick Highlighter Palette – Now this is the highlighter that you should buy if you love instant glow at one stroke. This highlighter works great and is best for festive looks.

8.Maybelline metallic highlighter – I think this was the first highlighter that I used and from that time I totally loved it. It was so good that in one stroke only you can get the desired results. You can definitely go for this highlighter if you want to buy your first one. Also it is best for night time because of its pigmentation. It is available in two shades and you are going to love both the shades for sure.

9. Maybelline strobe cream – This is also another type of highlighter that you might like. I think this highlighter is best for those who like to do their makeup fast and don’t like to create mess as this highlighter does not need brushes to apply, you can simply use your hand to apply it. It gives a nice dewy finish which is ideal for the day time.

10. Iconic liquid highlighter – This product is very under rated and I don’t know what is the reason behind it. This product is very affordable, has nice coverage and gives out the perfect amount of glow on cheek bones. You should definitely go for this product if you like liquid highlighter.

Tips for blush and hughlighter –

  • Always use a round brush instead using flat fan brush to apply powder highlighter for better results.
  • If you want to make your foundation a little shimmer then you can add two drops liquid highlighter and mix it with your foundation to get desired results.
  • Always apply cream / liquid blush with your fingers to get the glowy look.

These are all the products and tips that I had to share with you guys. I hope this blog helped you and if it did then don’t forget to share it with your friends. You can tell me in the comments on which topic you want the next blog to be. Also I wanted to thank you guys for all the lovely comments. So that is it for this blog , I’ll see you guys in the next blog till then you can checkout my another blogpost also.


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