My top 5 favorite winter outfit

Hi guys, I am back with another blog and I am really excited about this blog. As you guys know, that fall season is going and the winter season is coming. I know many of you might not like the winter season but let me tell you I am very excited for the winters as this time of the year is full of festive vibes. As so many festivals are coming up, I will be telling you guys my favorite outfits that I have planned. The outfit ideas will have both traditional and western outfits, so you can all have real choice and select what you like.

1.monochrome outfit with the long coat – This outfit is definitely a lot like my vibe because most of the time I like to go pretty simple but at the same time, I don’t want to look underdressed so that’s why this is my go-to outfit. You can wear this outfit on days when you don’t want to put too much effort and also this outfit has all the things that almost everyone already has. You can add a side sling bag if you want to enhance the outfit and a little gold jewelry around the neck. The thigh-high boots definitely put together the outfit really well and if you don’t want to wear black boots then you can definitely go brown ankle boots as they also look good in winters.


2. Turtle neck sweater with a pencil skirt – I personally feel this outfit is preferred by many girls because the cuteness level of this outfit is on another level. This can be your go-to outfit in winter if you are going to somebody’s home or somewhere closed because this outfit cannot keep you warm outside on a chilly day. I love this outfit because it shows that you have put in some extra effort which is really difficult to show in the winter season. You can surely make some changes in the outfit and still make it look cute.

3. Baggy sweatshirt with fitted denim jeans – I would categorize this outfit as easy going because when you look at this outfit you surely get a cool kind of vibe. This outfit is nowhere near to underdressed but also it does not seem that you are getting overly dressed. This outfit is very comfy and you can wear it every day. You can surely make some changes in this outfit according to your comfort but just keep some points in mind. Firstly don’t use baggy jeans as they will look extra casual and you’ll make the whole outfit look more like your pj’s. Secondly don’t forget to add boots as because of these boots only this outfit is looking more put together, and sneakers can work too but try to prefer the boots only. You can add statement jewelry and an overcoat to make the outfit look more detailed. Also, I love the sling bag accessory because adding a bag to the outfit never hurts as carrying a bag is really more functional and for almost everyone, it is a lifesaver so my advice to you will be that you should definitely invest in it.

4.Ripped jeans with woolen shacket – This outfit really give me chills. You may know that the shacket trend is going nowadays and that’s something I find really nice because in winters we all want to be warm and cozy but also want to look fashionable. You can buy good shackets at Hm or ZARA as for now they have nice stocks. For the bottoms you can really go for any color jeans. For the top you can go with basic tank tops or tube tops and make sure you wear a proper fitted top because the shacket is always loose so to make your sure outfit looks put together, follow this step.

5. Pullover sweater with the long coat – Last but not least, this outfit is a total bomb. This outfit is a total match for those who are fashion lovers. This outfit will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. I love how the layering has been done in this outfit. For the bottoms, you can go for a skater skirt and on top of that go with the long pullover sweater. To make it more defined layer the white sweater with a broad black belt. For footwear, go with classic black boots. And to top it all wear a neutral color trench/long coat. For further accessorizing use a chain handbag and voila you are ready.

Theses are all the outfits that are my top favorite and I am really eager to know which outfit was your favorite. I hope this blog helped you and if it did then don’t forget to tell me in the comment section. Also, I want to say thank you all for writing such sweet comments and I really appreciate it.i also wanted to say that lately, I’ve been writing less blogs but I promise to be more consistent. For interacting with me more you can follow me on social media and especially instagram. Also, share this blog with your friends who like fashion and beauty blogs. I will see you guys in the next blog and till then you can check out other blogs related to fashion and beauty.


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