Styling white denim skirt in 5 different ways

Hi guys, I’m back with another blog and I’m very excited about this blog because I’ve recently discovered something and I can’t wait to share with you guys. As you know the festive season is going and great discounts are going everywhere so I did a lot of shopping and the clothing I was proud of was a white denim skirt. Those who read my blogs know that I really am obsessed with denim clothing and this time I went for a color that I really don’t prefer. I took my chances with this one and I am really happy that I did. The moment I saw this skirt in my hands, I literally started to get so many ideas to style it that can be used in daily life. So now I’ll be sharing different ideas with you guys and you can see which ideas are great for you.

1.wear denim skirt with a striped sweater- Now this idea may seem weird at starting but trust me when you will wear it in a proper way then this can be one of your go-to outfits. Now for making this outfit work you have to keep some points in mind. Firstly wear a collared shirt or t-shirt and make sure that the sleeves of the shirt should be long so that then you can overlap them and fold it with your sweater. I will leave a picture so that you can understand what I mean to say. For the footwear go with boots and preferably the ones with the heel. Also, one more thing that I would like to add is that don’t tuck your sweater inside the skirt instead choose a little long sweater and let it cover the small portion of your skirt. The reason why I am saying is this because tucking makes your outfit look more formal and you don’t want that with your everyday look. You want to make your outfit look comfortable and stylish so for that always avoid tucking.

2. Wear a vibrant color top – Now we all know that white color can be really boring for some people so for making white color interesting follow my advice. Nowadays color-block pattern is a trend that is being followed by a lot. so you can also hop on this trend by simply adding a vibrant color on top of your skirt. Now I am not telling you to wear crazy colors but what I am trying to say is to wear a top that should be vibrant enough and is also in your comfort zone. You can try sky blue, lemon yellow, pastel pink, and some similar colors. Also, try to take a cropped size as this will draw more attention to your outfit. You can also layer by adding a light blue denim jacket and I am telling you it will look like a killer combo. For the footwear go with sneakers or high -tops.

3. Wear a pullover sweater- The pullover sweater are so in trend nowadays and I love this clothing because it is not only fashionable but comfy at the same time. If it’s a chilly day and you want to wear a cute outfit then go for a pullover sweater and pair it with a white skirt. Now one tip that I want to give you guys is that prefer a sweater that is not too thin and also remember to tuck it a little from the front. For giving more detail to your look, go for a belt which should not be too funky. The key to make this outfit work is to keep it simple as the more elegant the outfit will look, the more it will gain attention. For a more fall outfit look, you can wear black stockings. For the footwear, you can go for cool high-tops or knee-high boots.

4. Wear an off-shoulder shirt- There are some days you want to look dressy but don’t want to put in too much effort so on those days you can go for this outfit. This outfit is also perfect if you want to look a little formal. This outfit looks amazing but there are some points that you should keep in mind. Firstly try to wear a striped shirt and don’t go for crazy patterns. The next point that you should keep in mind is that accessorize your outfit very carefully. Make sure that you wear more hand accessories like finger rings, bracelets, cuffs, and watch. For the earings go for a simple one and for necklace go for a layered one. You can wear cute little heels or flat sandals for this outfit.

5. Wear a graphic tee – Graphic tee are literally a mood, they look so cool, and if you want that vibe just go for it. Graphic tee may look a little too casual so for making it an outside outfit you can pair it with a white skirt. Do a half-tuck and put a simple black belt. For a more funky look add a silver chain and for the earings go for pin earings. For the footwear go for sneakers or chunky shoes.

6. Wear a polka dot blouse- I just love polka dots and I think low-key everyone loves them too. Try to tuck your polka dot blouse a little inside your bra making it crop or tie a knot. I personally love the combination of white-black or red-white. I think with the polka dot pattern you don’t have to put too much effort, you can simply wear silver hoop earrings and if you really want to wear something on the neck then go for a simple gold/silver chain. For making the outfit look complete wear cute wedges. I will be leaving pictures down so that you can get a clear idea.

7.Wear turtle neck tops- So when I got this skirt, I styled it first with a black turtle neck and that was the time I fall in love with the outfit. I knew exactly that it will be my go-to outfit for the fall season. As matter of fact, I am a little short but after wearing this outfit I was feeling totally different. After wearing this wearing I felt so much confident and then I paired it with a dark brown jacket which was looking totally bomb. For the footwear, I wore brown boots but you can really wear any color ankle boots. I also accessorized it with a layered necklace, golden hoop earrings, and a silver watch. You can literally style this outfit in any way you want.

So, that is all for this blog and these are all the ideas that I had for you guys. I hope this blog helped you and if it did then don’t forget to tell me in the comment section. Also, I want to say thank you all for writing such sweet comments and I really appreciate it. I also wanted to give you one more tip- Always wear clothes or an outfit in which you feel comfortable and confident. Don’t ever get affected if someone else doesn’t like your outfit. The only person matter is you and if you are happy with your outfit then no one else opinion matters and I’m telling you if you are confident in yourself then every outfit will look great. So I wish everyone stays happy and full of good vibes as the festive season is going on everywhere. Also, share this blog with your friends who like fashion and beauty blogs. I will see you guys in the next blog and till then you can check out other blogs related to fashion and beauty.

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